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One thing that I find absolutely vital for creating a safe environment where students are willing to share and want to present in from of the class, is to constantly remind them that mistakes are good.  Mistakes are steppingstones for us to use and learn from to get where we want  to be.  I remind the students of this almost daily.  I let them know that the only time mistakes aren't good is when we choose to not learn something from them.  I encourage the kids to take risks, try hard things, and not be afraid to make mistakes.  Mistakes are how we get to where we want to be.  

At the first of the year, I ALWAYS have at least one or two students who don't want to share with the class or present in front of the class.  I always encourage, but never force them to.  I find that they always decide to one their own fairly quickly.  By mid year, (like right now) the kids practically beg me to share things with the class.  They can't get enough and I don't have any that are uncomfortable in front of the class.  That feeling of safety is important to create that environment.

  Safe Environment
  Safety: Safe Environment
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The Ute Tribe

Unit 11: Native American Tribes of Utah
Lesson 7 of 22

Objective: SWBAT present information they have gathered through research about their Native American tribe. Students will also be able to paraphrase information presented from different sources.

Big Idea: Today is the BIG day! Our first tribe will present their research and Native American tale to the class! We will focus our day on the Ute tribe and paraphrasing information presented on the tribe.

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English / Language Arts, Social Studies, Indians, Writing, Writing Process, research, Native Americans, presentation, speaking, subject integration
  45 minutes
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