Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding The Life of a Monarch Butterfly - Section 2: Reading the Story


I read this book as it is in our reading curriculum.  This lesson was for introducing metamorphosis.  We wrote opinion papers about our favorite part of the story which is the lifecycle.   The sequencing of events, opinion writing and teaching about different genres are all in the CCSS.  Opinion writing is an ongoing process that spans all the years of school.  Each year the standards demand deeper thought into the opinion and defending the opinion through use of the text read.  Here the students can go back to the text, the book or the flannel board for their proof of what happened.  In kindergarten we can be very simple in our opinion.  We are just learn that we can verbalize our opinion and tell why.   This was the first time i incorporated reading the story, partnering and playing with the flannel board figures (that didn't want to stay up).  I think it went well; watching the video set the stage for all the learning and sequencing.  I loved how everyone did not choose the butterfly to write about.

  Reading and Doing
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Reading and Doing
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The Life of a Monarch Butterfly

Unit 6: Insects
Lesson 4 of 7

Objective: With prompting and support the SWBAT write about their favorite part of the metamorphosis process.

Big Idea: Students love the magic of the metamorphosis that produces a butterfly. We will listen to the story and write about our favorite part.

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English / Language Arts, adjectives, questioning, insects
  55 minutes
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