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I am always on the go and love to keep a rigorous pace.  I have especially felt that way this year.  This is my first year in a Spanish Immersion program.  I have two classes.  I see one class in the morning and one class in the afternoon.  I am responsible for the language arts and math core for both classes.  I have felt extremely pressed for time to "fit it all in."  The more I rush, the worse the students seem to do.  I have to tell myself to calm down and ease up on the pace.  I have to trust that in the end, they will know what they need to know for 4th grade.  This was one of those moments.  Yesterday as the students were working and I was trying to rush them to finish, it became very evident that it was impossible for them to finish.  I reluctantly agreed to allow the students an extra day to complete their presentation preparation.  Today I am glad I gave them that extra day to feel prepared and confident to present.  I have to keep telling myself to slow down.  :)

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Tribe Presentation Preparation

Unit 11: Native American Tribes of Utah
Lesson 6 of 22

Objective: SWBAT work together in groups to put their presentations together and practice before they present to the class.

Big Idea: Our students are working in "tribes" to research, create posters, and present information to the class . Today the tribes are going to put all the information together for their presentations and practice their presentations.

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English / Language Arts, Social Studies, Indians, Writing, Writing Process, research, Native Americans, tribes, subject integration
  60 minutes
presentation practice
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