Reflection: Shared Expectations Patriotism Inside and Out! - Section 3: Extend Understanding


This writing is very guided and is time consuming.  This is our first experience with more than two sentences, so it is how I stress using an entire line and filling it with words before we go to a new line.  Student will often write two or three words on a line and then go to a new line,  so I have to monitor carefully to make sure they do not do that.  I also stress the return sweep and going ‘around and down’ to continue writing when we get to the end of our line. 

  Shared Expectations: Reflection
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Patriotism Inside and Out!

Unit 14: Red, White and Blue
Lesson 2 of 10

Objective: SWBAT demonstrate understanding of organization and basic features of print. SWBAT participate in a guided writing of an informational piece about the American flag.

Big Idea: Patriotism is all around us.

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