Reflection: Intervention and Extension Special Suffixes - Section 3: Creating Sentences


One group was given -ness as their suffix. When they began to share, they did not understand how to use the suffix. I could tell by their sentences. For example, "My friend is the kindness person." Each sentence mistook -ness for -est. This might be because of how close the two sound when we talk. I also have many students who are Native American and Hispanic, sometimes the word endings are trickier for them.

As a class, we practiced saying different words using the -ness and -est suffixes. I then created some sentences and had them practice saying them back to me. I then showed a correct and incorrect way we use the -ness suffix. To check for understanding, I ask every group to come up with one sentence to share that used the -ness suffix correctly. Each group successfully modeled it, but I will make sure to revisit -ness.  

  Intervention and Extension: Trouble with -Ness
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Special Suffixes

Unit 11: Grammar Lessons
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT write complete sentences that contain words that end with a specific suffix.

Big Idea: Suffixes help students understand the meaning of words within a sentence. To practice using suffixes in writing and reading we will work in groups to create special sentences.

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