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Our school is fortunate to have a room designated as the Motor Room.  It is a room that the Phys. Ed. teacher, the school district's Occupational Therapist, and I set up for the students in our building to use.  It can provide gross motor time for students everyday, especially in the winter when our students can not get outside to play due to the temperature.  The room was established at a low cost with contributions from around the building: classroom, gym and OT equipment.  During the day, I can have my entire class working out at the same time.  Each child starts at a separate station and we rotate following the arrows that we have placed on the floor.  Volume in the room is loud, but constructive.  We play music while the children exercise; when the music stops, the children move to the next station.  They may not begin until the music starts again.  Our Phys. Ed. teacher initially taught the children, while in small group, the procedures and expectations for behavior before we brought whole classes in.  We have the following stations: Yoga, mini trampolines, scooter and ramp, balance beam, rolling tube and mats, stepping stones and bridge, balance boards with bean bags to toss, Brain Gym activities, and a stepping ladder.

  Classroom Setup: Where This Activity Takes Place
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Rosie's Preposition Obstacle Course

Unit 11: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact!
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Objective: SWBAT show their understanding of the events of the story by following an obstacle course. SWBAT write a different event and outcome to the story. Student Observation: I can use my body to retell the story. I can tell about a different way the fox tries to stop Rosie the Hen.

Big Idea: Students can increase their comprehension by using different modalities of learning.

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