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I marked this cloth while the children were having "choice time", and a few children were intrigued by what I was doing.  When I gathered the children around the table to demonstrate how to play the game, they were "chomping at the bit".  By creating the game in front of my students, the children could see that it did not "magically appear", and that I was putting work into making a game for them.  This gave students more ownership, and it also helped them to recognize that they need to care for the materials in order to have the opportunity to play.

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  Intrinsic Motivation: Getting started
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Taking a Spin Around the Alphabet

Unit 11: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact!
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Objective: SWBAT identify letter and phonemes while playing a game. Student Objective: I can play a top-spinning game called "Spin Around the Alphabet" to practice saying letters and sounds.

Big Idea: Providing varied ways of learning to read keeps students motivated to practice.

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