Reflection: Students with Disabilities Letter Formation with Crictor the Boa Constrictor - Section 2: Procedure


Sometimes it works better for my students to have some quiet time to work with me and share a center activity.  On a day where I was testing individuals outside of my classroom, I took some time to work with two of my students that would benefit from having fewer distractions.  This was an important time for me as well, because I was able to have a interaction and discussion with these little guys without interruptions.  I could listen intently to what they had to say and get more information about their strengths and weaknesses.

  Students with Disabilities: Letters versus Numbers
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Letter Formation with Crictor the Boa Constrictor

Unit 11: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact!
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Objective: SWBAT form letters using a piece of rope as a "snake", and sort letter and number cards. Student Objective: I can make letters using a rope "snake". I can sort letters and numbers.

Big Idea: Using the model from the story, students can practice forming letters using a rope "snake".

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