Reflection: Checks for Understanding Plot Conflict: Character Vs Nature - Section 3: Character Vs Nature


As the lesson was moving along, I realized that many of my students had something to say about the book. I thought a discussion would take too long so we had a brief one and then I had them get out a piece of lined paper. I asked them to write how Ming Lo was up against nature. I reminded them to include evidence that supports their opinion. I will now use their writing as a grade and it will also help me assess their understanding. 

  Checks for Understanding: Extension to Write
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Plot Conflict: Character Vs Nature

Unit 10: Story Elements
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Objective: SWBAT write a response that explains the Character Vs Nature plot conflict using at least one detail from the story.

Big Idea: To continue our work on plot, student will hear and read a story that contains the Character Vs Nature plot conflict. Students will also test their brain power in trying to figure out other scenarios where the character might go up against nature.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, Fiction (Reading), plot conflict, character vs. nature, Ming Lo moves the mountain, plot, Arnold Lobel
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