Reflection: Trust and Respect Retelling - Section 4: Closure


Even though not all the class had a chance to retell with the microphone, I enjoyed seeing that students from all ability levels felt safe in coming to the front of the class and trying out a new skill. I was also happy to see that the expectations for listening that I have set up since the beginning of the year, have led to respectful listening. 

Some of the students, as you can see in the clips, needed support, or didn't have many details or a closing sentence; still, I left the lesson confident that I had established a good foundation to further developing these standards. I think the scaffolding of using the pictures made the difference. Using the pictures gave them a clear idea of the expectation, practicing with a partner gave them confidence, and finally, the closing activity showed expectations again,  and gave feed back to all. 

  Trust and Respect: A work in progress
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Unit 1: Key Ideas and Details in Literature
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT use pictures to retell a story

Big Idea: Today we use pictures instead of stepping stones. Pictures can serve as memory aides as children become more confident retelling stories or summarizing selections.

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