Reflection: High Expectations Making it My Own - Section 4: Independent Practice


Any primary teacher looking at this knows writing is the most difficult task to teach a young child.

As I reflect on the needs of the three students in the video clips I know that the first student will need a lot of extra support and scaffolding through teacher read-a-louds, verbalization- where she is telling me about her story, sentence starters, and graphic organizers to create a short narrative story.

The second student is a little more confident with her ideas, however, putting them on paper is not an easy task for her.  She and her group would do well with extra support and more practice with sentence structure, teacher modeling putting thoughts on paper, and practice creating what our district writing program calls 'powerful sentences'.

The third student is confident with his ideas and an above grade level writer.  However, to get him to a proficient level, he and his group, will need extra time and practice adding detail- that will enhance the story.  This particular student is so confident and has so many ideas, I need to work with him on organizing prioritizing his ideas.


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Making it My Own

Unit 14: Snails: Fact and Fiction, or, Information and Literary
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT plan a narrative of an imagined experience using appropriate details.

Big Idea: Let’s get creative! Your students will be motivated to write a narrative story about themselves as a snail and include three facts about snails in their narrative.

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