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I had overheard one girl talk about how she never thought she would understand how to divide, but the "Box Method" is really easy now. Another student told me that she liked today's lesson and that she gets that the dividend is always the whole that we are dividing. I am hoping that this lesson today affirmed any gray areas in their thinking about the role of the dividend and divisor. I am not seeing the confusion I had in the past. 

CCSS is set up so that in depth understanding is the focus. Math Practice Standards expect us to create thinking mathematicians. I have learned that we can never assume they understand fully some of the most basic concepts or what appears to be basic to us because prior to CCSS, we didn't teach that way!  I feel confident they came away with under standing that they whole is what is always divided. The concept should help understanding of decimals.

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  Checks for Understanding: Practice is helping
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Oranges,Social Studies, Sister Anne and Studying the Whole: An integrated lesson

Unit 9: Division Unit
Lesson 8 of 21

Objective: SWBAT explain the various parts of a division problem.

Big Idea: In this authentic lesson, students use mandarin oranges to figure out how to create equal parts of a whole, discover why fractions exist in relation to that whole and connect it all to division. The lesson is interlaced with a lesson on prejudice.

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Math, Civil Rights 1945-1960, critical thinking, Social Justice, real world connections, Integration of Social Studies, division, number and
  65 minutes
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