Reflection: Lesson Planning What Makes 3, 4 & 5? - Section 4: Independent Practice


When planning a combination of ___ lesson, don't forget that 0 is a real number and is also serves as a part of many combinations. When breaking the cubes apart, occasionally keep the tower intact and ask the kids what the combination would be if you already have 5.

Follow this question by asking why 0 is the quantity needed. Try not to use the expression "none" because it does not transfer to "0" for kindergartners. Use 0 to name the empty set to make it concrete in their minds.

  Don't forget 0!
  Lesson Planning: Don't forget 0!
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What Makes 3, 4 & 5?

Unit 11: Same As
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Objective: SWBAT understand that the quantities of 3, 4, and 5 can be made of a variety of different combinations by breaking number towers apart.

Big Idea: Once kindergartners have a basic understanding of addition, they need to understand that quantities greater than two have several combinations that make the same amount. The larger the quantity, the more combinations making that quantity.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, Literacy in Math, Critical Area, subtraction, equation
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