Reflection: Students with Disabilities Reflection on Equality - Section 2: Reading with Notes


For students that will struggle with the harder text, I make sure to make some modifications to how they will access the reading. For a few I just make sure to assign the easiest reading to them. I made sure to read all the passages before hand to check the word count and vocabulary. For my other students, I pair them with a very fluent peer. I ask them to work together by reading the material to their partner and making their notes together. 

  Struggling Readers
  Students with Disabilities: Struggling Readers
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Reflection on Equality

Unit 21: Lesson with Writing
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT write a reflection that demonstrates knowledge of how civil rights could have impacted the Spanish and their impact on local Native Americans.

Big Idea: Sometimes making connections from what we have learned to our new learning is difficult. This lesson asks them to think about a connection between various lessons where equality was discussed.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Writing Process, reflection, Writing Response, equality, Native American
  40 minutes
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