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As I roved the classroom, going to each group as they arrived at their answer, I saw a lot of thinking, but I also saw where weaknesses surfaced. Several students are struggling still with basic facts and subtraction! It is essential for my students to continue these types of warm ups. While I think multiplication is getting stronger, I still see weaknesses in basic fact subtraction. I also saw a student revert to a train of equals signs.Forgetting what equals really means...It tells me I need to continually address what the equals sign means.  This game helps us address misconceptions in a very informal way while they are having fun. I will use it in my class more often. They thought it was great!

  Joy: Thinking about equations and operations...
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Two Games for Practicing Fluency & Dividing 3 -4 Digit Dividends Against 1 Digit Divisors

Unit 9: Division Unit
Lesson 7 of 21

Objective: SWBAT divide 3 & 4 digit whole numbers by 1 digit using the rectangular section method.

Big Idea: Through games, students expand their fluency skills using the 4 operations and expand their dividing skills using the rectangular sections method .

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