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I forgot how literal 6th grade students can be. They were able to do the mastery and the understanding questions with ease. When it came to the writing section, however, they got confused real fast. More specifically, the interpersonal and self expressive parts. In order to give them something to go on, I modeled some examples from my own life.


Mrs. Schade started with 12 pencils and I gave away 3. I asked them for the expression. Then I said, I'm not sure how many pencils I started with but I gave away 3.


 If I said to you LOL, what am I saying? Then I said, what emotion would be attached to that expression? I went on. Now, today I had some money and someone gave me $100. What is the expression? What emotion would I be experiencing. One more example, the next day I had to pay $50. What's the expression and what would be my emotion? 

This gave them enough to get them started. 

  The need for modeling
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: The need for modeling
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Writing Expressions the Right Way!

Unit 6: Expressions
Lesson 6 of 14

Objective: SWBAT write numeric and algebraic expressions using words, numbers, and variables

Big Idea: Writing expressions paves the path to writing and solving equations.

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