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Obviously, if you've been following my lessons from the start of the semester, you've likely noticed that my SSR has been sporadic. As I've worked to make sure that this time is still sacred, I've struggled with thinking about how to make it reading in class relevant beyond reading a whole class text.

I have all of my same thoughts about building speed and fluency and pushing kids to read independently at their grade level, but what I see as relevant in this process isn't necessarily what the teenagers see as relevant. When we read today, some of my students were really excited because they are really enjoying the books they are reading. I want that for all my students, though.

Thinking out loud here, but I think I need to do a mini-assessment/activity where students write up or present their favorite choice book from this year and then ask the rest of the class to choose a book from those presentations. Maybe I can have those two students do a mini-book club style of discussion/connection. I might set this up as an online discussion or something of that nature. It would lead nicely into our lit circle/reading group format when we read dystopian choice novels later this quarter.

I don't know that this will solve my problem, but I will surely come back to this as I work to make sure that anything I am using my precious class time for is indeed valuable.

  Making Sure SSR is Still Relevant
  Routines and Procedures: Making Sure SSR is Still Relevant
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Narrative Writing Workshop: Creating Dickensian Pastiche (Day 1 of 3)

Unit 10: Narrative Writing: Creating, Revising and Publishing Narrative
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write narratives using effective writing techniques by mimicking Dickens' style to create additional chapters or scenes for A Tale of Two Cities.

Big Idea: After studying Dickens' style, we will begin the process of crafting our own Dickensian writing.

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