Reflection: Shared Expectations Building a Theme Analysis: The Introduction and Writer's Workshop - Section 4: Closure


Often times when I ask students to provide some peer review to a piece of writing, I get a lot of "I like it," or, "It's good," or, "Great job."  It is very generic and shallow.  To get students comfortable with giving and receiving constructive criticism, I employ a warm/cool feedback system early in the year.  Each time, like today, that we do a quick, informal feedback, I ask students to give a piece of warm feedback, which is a compliment over a specific aspect of the paper and a piece of cool feedback, which is a piece of constructive criticism, over a specific part of the author's paper.  

Today this was a great use of our last five minutes of class.  Students had been working on their paragraphs for twenty minutes and needed to hear some feedback besides mine.  I actually had the author of the paper read their paper aloud to their partner.  I often heard students who were reading stop themselves and fix something because it didn't sound quite right.  


  Formal peer review protocol
  Shared Expectations: Formal peer review protocol
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Building a Theme Analysis: The Introduction and Writer's Workshop

Unit 9: Theme Analysis-Writer's Workshop
Lesson 4 of 8

Objective: SWBAT write an introduction for a theme rhetorical analysis by engaging in writer's workshop to revise and improve their writing.

Big Idea: Why do we need an introduction? The same reason you shake hands with a stranger you meet!

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rhetorical theme analysis assignment
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