Reflection: Self-Talk Mystery Situation Cards - Section 2: Application


The students are becoming proficient with the skill of inferencing by this lesson and with that comes a pleasing comfort.  It may sound silly, but NOT hearing groans of frustration when I mention inferencing is fabulous. Instead, I get a "non" reaction similar to if I'd said we were doing a unit on nouns, and it's a huge victory.  As an abstract skill, "Make inferences about the story..." inferencing feels like a challenge, but once they're practicing how to use decisions to gather clues about an actual incident, etc. they inference naturally, and gain confidence.

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Mystery Situation Cards

Unit 11: Inference Fiesta
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: TSWBAT read the mystery on the card and make inferences about the solution.

Big Idea: Sometimes the obvious answer baffles.

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