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I take 4 whole math lessons to go over the basic shapes (circle, triangle, square and rectangle).  I do this because many of my students do not know the names of these shapes or know the names but are unable to describe them.  As the students move through their education, they are expected to do more complex tasks with shapes and need these basic foundational concepts to be mastered.  I use the stories and songs to keep the lesson interested and engaging even for students who do already know the shapes.   

  Taking Time for Basic Shapes
  Taking Time for Basic Shapes
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What is a Rectangle?

Unit 4: Positions and Shapes
Lesson 13 of 17

Objective: Students will be able to name and describe the attributes of a rectangle.

Big Idea: Shapes is a simple book to review 2-dimensional shapes. The students will review all of the basic 2-dimensional shapes and learn about the attributes of a rectangle.

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Math, Critical Area, Describing Shapes
  55 minutes
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