Reflection: Dialect and Mark Twain - Section 2: Getting Down to Business


As I was teaching this lesson, I realized that my students didn't have the historical context to understand what the big deal was about asking about a friend of a friend.  "Why didn't the narrator just ask his friend to call Simon Wheeler himself?" It was then I realized that I had a problem.

I took a moment to explain that the setting of this story was during the California Gold Rush.  I told my students that there was no electricity and no instant communication.  They were shocked to find out that it would take months for a letter to get from the East Coast to California.

The next time I work through this lesson, I will make sure that my students understand the setting before we begin, so that we can eliminate confusion from the start.

  The olden days
  The Olden Days
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Dialect and Mark Twain

Unit 6: Introduction to Mark Twain
Lesson 4 of 5

Objective: SWBAT comprehend a short story by Mark Twain by taking notes on reading strategies for dialect.

Big Idea: I don't see no p'ints about that frog that's better'n any other frog.

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