Reflection: Intervention and Extension Revising Your Boxes and Bullets - Section 1: Lesson Opener


There are a couple of ways to do this lesson differently. 

1) Do the Take a Stand lesson the entire period and give students two or three more prompts. If I did it this way, I would have students stop and reflect on how students are being persuasive in their claim, reasons and evidence after each prompt.

2) Have students read their own prompts and have other students debate it while the student takes notes. 

3) When we taught it today, I did a whole group share out instead of having students do the exit ticket. In their writing yesterday my students were showing that they understood counter-claims, but still needed to be reminded of the different kinds of evidence they could use to elaborate on their writing. Therefore, my share-out focused on evidence based on my students work with "silent debate" the day before.


  Extension of Take A Stand
  Intervention and Extension: Extension of Take A Stand
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Revising Your Boxes and Bullets

Unit 8: Using Mentor Texts, Generating Ideas, and Planning for Drafting of Persuasive Essays
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT add and revise evidence to their claims and counter claims in order to ensure their evidence would persuade someone else to change their view point.

Big Idea: Take A Stand

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