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These story problems will require that you offer a variety of entry points and/or differentiated problems for students.  The adapted problems offer students more of a challenge because it deals with bigger numbers (in the first two problems).  The 3rd and 4th problems ask students to both add two three addend strings and then subtract the sums to find the difference.  I have included a copy of these last two problems (See Emma's Work).  

The idea of differentiation does;t always mean using bigger numbers.  The problems that Emma (and two others) worked on stick with relatively smaller numbers but require much higher mathematical thinking and application of a variety of mathematic skills.

  Rigor: Differentiating Work
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The Fishing Trip

Unit 8: Non Standard Measuring
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT solve story problems about comparing lengths. SWBAT use accurate measurement techniques.

Big Idea: What good fishing trip isn't without a good story or two? Today the students will solve comparison story problems involving different lengths of fish.

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