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Okay, first test of the year - 70% of the students, 80% or better.  While I am pleased with those numbers, and other students were very close to proficicent, overall I feel like it could have been better.  Since it is the first test, and I want to set the tone that it is not okay to just "settle" for a grade, I have decided to spend the next two class periods reviewing and retesting.  This unit is particularly imporant for 7th grade, and I do not want to go on without having more students at the proficient level.


The most common mistake was students looking at tables and using subtraction between x values ("seeing how much they go up," they call it) instead of using ratios.  Additionally, many students fell for the x/y answer for the constant of proportionality instead of the y/x.  For the retest I am not going to use multiple choice, but rather open response, perhaps to appeal to a different sector of my students!

  Data Analysis: Test Reflection
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Proportional Reasoning Test - Time to Put it All Together!

Unit 2: Proportional Reasoning
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to solve a variety of proportional reasoning problems.

Big Idea: Time to test! Let the students show you what they have learned about proportional relationships!

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, proportional relationships, constant of proportionality, proportional reasoning, 7th grade
  60 minutes
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