Reflection: Grappling with Complexity Michelle Kwan: Topic, Main Idea & Supporting details - Section 3: Guided Practice


Instead of doing a cloze reading whole-class, I broke scholars in my pink and white groups into partnerships to read the section on their own.  They moved to a variety of places in the classroom.  They are able to access the text and should do so without teacher support.  I let them sit around the room because it is more cozy for them and to get them up and moving about a bit. 

Scholars in the yellow group read the text aloud with the ELL teacher.  She paused to discuss and show video to develop background knowledge. 

I circulated and asked questions like, "What do you think this section is about?  Why? How is all of the information in this section related?  Let's test that theory."

I noticed that scholars had a tougher time than expected identifying the main idea of this section.  Therefore, I helped scholars by thinking, what is the most important information in this section?  How is all of that information related?  This helped them tons!

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Michelle Kwan: Topic, Main Idea & Supporting details

Unit 2: Give it All You've Got! - Part I
Lesson 6 of 16

Objective: SWBAT identify the topic, main idea and supporting details in a text

Big Idea: What's the difference between a topic, a main idea & a supporting detail?

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English / Language Arts, character actions, summarizing, summary
  90 minutes
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