Reflection: Discourse and Questioning Plot Conflict: Character VS Society - Section 3: Character Vs Society with a Focus on Rules


There are times when teaching feels like it would be so much faster if you just told them what they needed to know. When discussing society, I wanted them to understand that a society is made up of rules and laws. This is important if they are going to understand Character Vs Society plot conflict. 

It would have been so easy to just tell them how rules and laws are connected to society. It would not have meant as much and they might not remember it for next time. Instead, I took the time to prompt them until they made the connection between laws and society. I started by asking them to give me an example of a society and a student said city. I then asked what does the city have to help the people that live there. They did not make the connection and I had to prompt and ask more. I then asked what does the city have to make sure that we are all safe, the hands shot up like crazy. They made the connection to the police and it was not hard to get to laws from there. 

It took some time, but in the end will be more worth it and meaningful.

  Getting to the "Rules"
  Discourse and Questioning: Getting to the "Rules"
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Plot Conflict: Character VS Society

Unit 10: Story Elements
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Objective: SWBAT discuss the plot of a story and determine the conflict as it relates to the character vs society model.

Big Idea: This is a perfect lesson to add after a holiday like Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Students will be able to connect to previous learning to help them understand Character VS Society as a plot conflict.

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