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My purpose for asking students to complete this assignment was to get them to write the final persuasive piece about what they did, why it was a good idea, the impact on others and facts to support why it is important. I adapted this lesson to improve their writing for CCSS expectations for expository and argument writing. I wanted them to have a personal connection to their activity so that they could use their experiences to persuade audiences with their stories. We also discussed the need for facts so they sued their computer times to identify studies that could support their opinions. Then we sent the whole story to the newspaper - no we didn't get published which personally I felt was disappointing, but they did get practice with letter writing! 

Success! Their writing was better than usual, even for my struggling students because they really cared about what they were writing. See some quick previews in the video attached in the previous section. I thin the secret is to have student buy-in to the project and then to have them take responsibility. 

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Writing to Convince our Audience

Unit 17: People Who Changed Our World
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT...write a persuasive essay that supports reasons, debates opposition and defines objectives

Big Idea: Writing is a communication tool that influences readers. By writing with facts and supported opinions we can persuade readers to agree with our thesis statement.

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