Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Print Ad Analysis Day 2: Presentations - Section 3: Presentation Preparation


As I went around talking to the groups about their advertisements, I realized I'd be pivoting from my previous plan, in that the presentations would involve me more than I thought they would.  The students were looking a lot at individual elements (a particular image, for example) in isolation and looking only how that image speaks to a particular category or appeal, rather than looking at how these elements were working together.  It is more evidence for me that a key instructional goal will be to teach the students that, while all the pieces have rhetorical impact, it is only in the context of everything else in the piece.  They see addressing a particular subject or purpose as a separate parts of a text rather than a a larger goal of the whole, or appealing to an audience in different ways like seasoning.  So their presentations will likely turn into a series of responses to my questions as I try to lead them through the process of connecting the pieces together as a continued joint lesson.  Which is fine--it doesn't make sense to plow through weak presentations rather than take advantage and turn them into a teaching moment.

  Adjustments to Practice: Premonitions
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Print Ad Analysis Day 2: Presentations

Unit 2: Understanding Rhetoric
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT apply rhetorical analysis tools to a static visual advertisement by completing a rhetorical analysis of two print ads and presenting their findings.

Big Idea: Static visuals are rhetorically complex in subtle, sneaky ways

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