Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Content Words Activity - Section 3: Sharing of Ideas


My Mixtures and Solutions story is this:

There was a teacher who introduced a new concept to her class. She presented the information in a comprehensive lesson, but ended up with extra time at the end.  Instead of using an unrelated time filler for the remainder of the period, on the spot, she decided to "MIX" it up and ask the students to come up with a creative way to remember the meanings of their Tier III words.  What a "SOLUTION!" 

  Mixtures and Solutions Story
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Mixtures and Solutions Story
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Content Words Activity

Unit 16: Speaking and Listening Practice
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: TSWBAT recall the meanings of new content words through creative choice.

Big Idea: Mnemonic devices, songs and poems...practice them until you know 'em!

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English / Language Arts, summary (Composition Basics), sharing, word choice, summarizing, artifacts, discussions
  65 minutes
mixture of plant and dead
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