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I was expecting the students to solve the problem by multipyling by 2, 28 times over and some students did just that.  I was pleasantly surprised when I saw some different ways of solving this problem.  First of all, students exhibited MP 1 by finding an entry point and not giving up on the problem.  Second, some students used MP 6 by utilizing a table to keep track of their work. Finally, a handful of students made some generalizations about the math to make their math easier.  

I gave students the opportunity to discuss their strategy with a partner.  Any unique situations were brought to the board to show the whole group.

Using a table:  This student used a table to help organize their work.  The table helped them use smaller steps (multiplying by 2) and be able to see when the coins went over 50,000

Using base 4:  This student said to me "I know that 1/2 of 28 is 14 so if I double up the amount daily, I can put 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4... (14 times) in the calculator."  This student then proceeded to multiply in groups of 2 to simplify it even more.  This way was more difficult to find the day the coins went over 50,000.


Using smaller steps:  This student started out by multiplying by 2, 28 times.  She realized this got very difficult to keep track of her days.  She then erased and started over.  She broke the 2, 28 times into groups of 7.  She had 4 groups.  She then could find the value of 2 to the 7th power and continued the pattern. Genius!


Finally, I showed the students how to use their expressions 2 to the 28th power on the calculator.  They were so mad.  "Why didn't I show them this to begin with?"  I told them they wouldn't have come up with so many ways to solve this problem if I did that!


  Connection to Prior Knowledge: All sorts of ways to solve this problem.....
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Writing Expressions the Right Way!

Unit 6: Expressions
Lesson 6 of 14

Objective: SWBAT write numeric and algebraic expressions using words, numbers, and variables

Big Idea: Writing expressions paves the path to writing and solving equations.

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