Reflection: Student Communication Multiply or Divide? Exploring Word Problems that Compare. - Section 2: Reviewing the Box Method of Dividing


I use students strategically to help others who are struggling. If my class were leveled, I would miss this opportunity for leadership, as well as the opportunity to differentiate. My one student mentioned that she likes feeling "important" to others. I loved to see the progress as it often surprises me to see just how deeply students are starting to understand their work. This is what CC is about! It's rich.

  Using Peer Leaders to Help Struggling Students
  Student Communication: Using Peer Leaders to Help Struggling Students
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Multiply or Divide? Exploring Word Problems that Compare.

Unit 9: Division Unit
Lesson 5 of 21

Objective: SWBAT solve word problems that use multiplicative comparison.

Big Idea: Students learn to figure out what vocabulary in word problems tell them to multiply or divide and understand how to use the multiplicative comparison.

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Math, word problems, box method, comparison problems, division, number and
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the meaning of reciprocal
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