Reflection: Checks for Understanding Understanding Perfect Squares and Square Roots - Section 2: Beginning the Perfect Square Activity


I've included several images of student work from the Perfect Squares activity.  You will notice that not every answer for challenging tasks like Question 10 is perfect. I do not expect perfect papers from every student by the end of today's lesson. During the mini-wrap up sessions students should correct their work, but students often fail to make all corrections. 

In looking at the tables at the end of the activity, I observed some misconceptions. These are expected challenges. I have already planned to address them on Day 2 of the activity.

By asking students to analyze other student's work, I can quickly assess students' understanding of square roots so far and determine who still has misconceptions that need to be addressed in the days that follow with regrouping or re-teaching.

  Checks for Understanding: Examples of Student Work
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Understanding Perfect Squares and Square Roots

Unit 2: Exponents and Radicals
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Objective: SWBAT understand what it means to square a number, understand a number is not a perfect square, and how to estimate square roots.

Big Idea: Explore with manipulatives why some numbers are perfect squares and others are not then how this translates into square roots!

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Math, exponents / powers, Algebra, 8th grade math, squares, square root, perfect squares, estimation
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