Reflection: Pacing Properties of Logarithms, Day 2 of 3 - Section 4: The Multiplication Property of Logs


Logarithms are very confusing for many students, and they would often rather simply be told "how to do it" than learn why it is done that way.  Thinking through a difficult concept can be frustrating and mentally exhausting, but that's no reason to give it up.  Rather, it's a great opportunity to practice perseverance in making sense of problems! (MP 1)

When it comes to the various properties of logarithms, I intentionally slow things down, take my time, and carefully construct the new concepts on top of the old.  One example after another helps to solidify the understanding, and we frequently review the arguments.  (I made full use of problems 6, 9, 10, and 13 from the practice set that was just completed.)

By the end of this class period, we had walked through the argument for the multiplication property of logarithms at least 3 times.  We had also carefully walked through 5 or 6 specific examples, some of them multiple times.  I think this kind of conceptual repetition is important and should be coupled with procedural repetition.  Students need to practice thinking as well as doing, and both will contribute to eventual mastery of the subject.

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Properties of Logarithms, Day 2 of 3

Unit 6: Exponents & Logarithms
Lesson 12 of 14

Objective: SWBAT simplify expressions involving sums and differences of logarithms. SWBAT simplify expressions involving logarithms of powers.

Big Idea: Through practice with one property of logarithms students are led to discover another.

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Math, Exponents and Exponential Functions, logarithms, Algebra 2, master teacher project, proof
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