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In today's table discussion, one student shared out that they like to use the first letter of whatever they are working with as their variable - which made me smile because I like to do the same thing, but didn't approach the lesson that way because I didn't want to confuse them constantly switching up the variables! The student shared that by using the first letter, for example h for horses, they are able to better understand what is happening and make sense of the problem.  The student shared that when they use "x" as their variable that they are not connected to the context of the problem and it makes it harder to set up the equation for them.  Who knew the appearance of the variable could mean so much?!

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Applications of One Step Equations

Unit 6: Equations
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Objective: Students will be able to set up and solve one-step equations to model real world scenarios.

Big Idea: If you cannot apply what you learn - what is the point? This lesson allows students the chance to apply one step equations to real world scenarios.

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