Reflection: Trust and Respect Violence & Video Games, Day 1 - Section 3: "Can a Video Game Lead to Murder?" Read & Discuss


This is a very loaded topic. I thought it would be, and to be honest, that's why I chose it. I want kids to engage deeply in debates. However, there is a balance. Some kids are extremely loyal to their favorite violent video games. They love them, so they become very defensive! And the last thing they want to hear is that these games are making them violent. So, I tend to tread carefully by reminding them of outside factors. Kids will often bring this point up themselves, but there are often other factors that make someone like Devin Moore "snap." Whether it be a rocky home-life, problems at school, or even deep psychological issues; it is hard to believe simply playing a violent video game that will make someone commit a violent act.

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  Trust and Respect: Passionate Responses
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Violence & Video Games, Day 1

Unit 3: Pick a Side! Prove Your Point!
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Objective: SWBAT finish slip or trip activity and begin reading and discussing "Can a Video Game Lead to Murder?"

Big Idea: As we begin our argument unit, this lesson builds engagement as we discover a highly debatable topic.

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