Reflection: Modeling Vocabulary and iPads - Section 3: Searching for a Good Source and Defining the Word


Every time you search for the next word it will return different results. Different dictionaries might be more popular so having them search for a particular one might be a waste of time. Instead model how to look through the search results. This might require walking them through each search until they get the hang of it. I modeled each word until the last one. For the last one I used it as the gauge of how well they understand the search process and finding a workable tool to use. 

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Vocabulary and iPads

Unit 9: Vocabulary Skills
Lesson 4 of 9

Objective: SWBAT define vocabulary words and find examples to help them understand new words.

Big Idea: Technology such as, iPads make learning more engaging. Students will practice looking for Vocabulary words from their history book on the iPads and then they will use it to find an image to use as their example.

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