Reflection: How Do We Write Numerals? - Writing/Reviewing 9 & 10 - Section 1: Problem of the Day


For this Problem of the Day, I wanted to create one questions with one group of objects that the students could use to answer two questions.  I used vegetables since we read Feast for 10 yesterday which included counting a lot of vegetables.  There were variety of questions about what we were supposed to count for this Problem of the Day.  Some students weren't sure what vegetables were.  Some students thought the carrots and zucchini were vegetables but not the pepper.  We eventually got it straightened out and answered the questions, but this showed me that I need to find time to do a lesson about the kinds of fruits and vegetables. You could open this lesson with a vegetable picture and label activity, so that students learn the vegetable names and can practice them in this math lesson.

  What Are Vegetables?
  What Are Vegetables?
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How Do We Write Numerals? - Writing/Reviewing 9 & 10

Unit 3: Numbers to 10
Lesson 12 of 19

Objective: Students will be able to name, count and write numbers nine and ten.

Big Idea: Shaving cream is a great way to practice writing! Students will practice writing the numbers nine and ten in shaving cream.

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