Reflection: Modeling Understanding Martin Luther King Jr.'s Rhetorical Appeal in his Letter from Birmingham Jail - Section 3: Student Learning Activity: Building Knowledge: Modeling How to Identify A Speaker’s Appeal


Providing scaffolding for my students by giving modeling the underlining of words that support the appeal in the second paragraph and giving them the written explanations of the appeals being used in the speech enabled them to engage in a complex text.  I found that it also helped them engage in the annotation of the remainder of the text knowing they already have a model and explanation of the appeal. 

  Modeling: Scaffolding
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Understanding Martin Luther King Jr.'s Rhetorical Appeal in his Letter from Birmingham Jail

Unit 6: Non Fiction: Black Boy
Lesson 11 of 11

Objective: SWBAT identify the rhetorical appeals Martin Luther King Jr.'s uses in his Letter from Birmingham Jail as well as his point of view by reading and annotating the text.

Big Idea: How to Move the Crowd: The Persuasive, Powerful Rhetoric of Martin Luther King

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