Reflection: Intrinsic Motivation Determining How Symbolism in Poetry Impacts a Speaker's Perspective of War - Section 3: Close Reading with Annotation


The analysis areas chosen for each poem related to poetic elements that would help students move higher in comprehending the underlining thoughts of the poet. What influenced my decision to create this task was to give students different experiences to use when encountering poetry on various levels of complexity. See the impact of this annotation over my talk over student work video now!

I am grateful for the willingness that my students showed in doing the analysis without any question or hesitation. I knew that the complexity of the poems would pose difficulty for students if a forced interaction was not done with the text prior to answering questions about each poem. The challenges that many students faced in this particular activity is what deems to be essential to the overall meaning of the poem. In addition, the lack of historical context of World War II posed some difficulty in students understanding the influences war had on the poet's perspective of it over time.

  Intrinsic Motivation: Annotation Reflection
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Determining How Symbolism in Poetry Impacts a Speaker's Perspective of War

Unit 4: Risking it All
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Objective: SWBAT cite textual evidence to understand the connotative meaning of phrases in Sandburg's "Statistics" & "Grass" poems.

Big Idea: Hush that Fuss! Are you talking about WWII in explicit or literal terms?

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