Reflection: Problem-based Approaches 3rd day of school - Section 3: The task


In keeping with NCTM's true grading form, I chose to label the students work with Novice, Beginner, Apprentice and Expert.  This assignment was worth 10 points.  The expert received 10 points. The apprentice received 9 points. The beginner received 8 points and the novice received 7 points.  I did not want anyone to fail this assignment so I made sure the lowest grade would only be a "C".  

Students that received a rating of "expert" showed a strategy that required them to think about time.  They used calculations on their paper.

Students that received a rating of "apprentice" found the pattern and used a table to extend the pattern.  They found the solution using the table. 

Students that received a rating of "beginner" found the pattern, but made mistakes within their table to cause them to get a wrong solution.

Students that received a rating of "novice" put something down on paper, but it made little sense or was difficult to follow.

See the attached samples of student work. 

  Problem-based Approaches: Student work
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3rd day of school

Unit 1: First week of school
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT extend and identify the patterns of decreasing time and be able to understand relationships among units and convert from one unit to another unit within the same system.

Big Idea: Students will be using an NCTM exemplar to enhance their learning with graphs, equations, time, patterns, and symbolic rules. They will be working at their own pace to enrich their understanding of math.

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Math, Integers, Operations , Number Sense
  85 minutes
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