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Nothing is perfect. And beggars can’t be choosers, right? For a completely free site, this one is pretty great. However, while there are many fabulous reasons to use this site, I wanted to mention two not so great issues as something to think about when using this site with your classes.

1. All students have the same password. If every one of your students is 100% trustworthy and remembers to log out every single time the site is used, then this will never be a problem. However, we all know that both of the above can be rare. I would much prefer to have a separate password for each student. But, this cannot be changed. One way to make sure students aren’t accessing others’ work when you’re not around is to align the class time to exact amount of time students will be with you. However, then you run into problem number two.

2. Class duration time. On the site, the developers explain why they have a class duration time set into the service. It was designed as a security measure (although I feel like changing number one would go a lot further to make things secure!). I simply find it annoying. You must remember to start each class before students begin working. Doesn’t sound so terrible - and really isn’t during times when the entire class is working on this site together. However, for the times when a student or two might want to work on the project during writers workshop or centers and you’ve forgotten to sign into your account and start the “class” before your students arrived, you then have to stop what you’re doing, log in, and start the class. This is also tricky for teachers who aren’t self contained, such as myself. I have a few students who love to write and have fallen in love with digital publishing. I’ve encouraged them to make new books or work on existing projects during indoor recess or when they have free time in other classes (with that teacher’s permission, of course!). But, they can’t do this if I haven’t logged on to my account and started their class. I tried to work around this by setting each class duration to eight hours so that they can access their work at any time during the school day. Again, this is not a problem as long as each student remembers to log out of his or her class before leaving the computer. If they don’t, someone from their class or another class could access their work.

Perhaps with more use, these security measures might change. However, I don’t feel either are terrible enough to make me not want to use the product. Just like anything else, there are always factors to consider when trying something new.  

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Unit 1: Tips, Tricks, and Tools
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Objective: TWBAT use online program to create digital publications of their writing projects.

Big Idea: This online service provides students with easy to use publishing tools for creating both assigned and personal texts.

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