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Making 15 flashcards took so much longer than I had anticipated!  For some students just cutting the cards was laborious and time consuming.  Others, struggled to draw the pictures or write the sentences.  And others put all of the information on one side of the card which defeated the purpose!  Another obstacle was that several students lost one or all of their cards.  I did pass out ziplock bags to keep them in, but we still had a few problems.  Many of my students really liked making the flash cards and told me it helped them study.  Others claimed that it was painful.  Like I said earlier, I want to introduce my students to many different strategies, so that they can eventually use what works for them.  I also found that in the process of making the cards, many students really learned the words!  

In the future, I might have the cards somewhat preassembled.  If I had the squares marked out on the cardstock with the vocab word already printed on each, it would definitely save us some time. 

Overall, I think it was a good strategy because it helped most students learn the words.  My big push this year is vocabulary since we are trying to increase our students' lexiles quite a bit.  Vocabulary is the bridge between lexiles, and the bonus is that it will also help increase comprehension and may even transfer over to their writing! Let's hear it for vocabulary work!

  Rigor: Reflection
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Making Flash Cards

Unit 8: Vocabulary with Rigor
Lesson 2 of 9

Objective: SWBAT make a set of flash cards to help learn vocabulary words

Big Idea: Learn new words in a flash!

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