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What a great way to start the lesson! The students were very engaged and eager to complete the task. 

I ended up having the students work in pairs rather than the entire group because I felt as if they could use the challenge and were ready to do it.  As they worked, very quickly, I was able to assess that most students had a good grasp on chronological order and were able to find success with the arrangement of the story. 

We also ended up having a great discussion on the importance of telling a story or writing a story in the proper order and how confusing it could be if it were not.  Some students even pointed out how authors will jump around and it can lose them as a reader.  Although this is a interesting technique, most students did not seem to like it!

This activity went very well.  I think I would provide a few more practice paragraph/stories for students who breeze through this one. 

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Writing to Text Structure: Chronological Order

Unit 6: Unit 4 Text Structure
Lesson 5 of 11

Objective: SWBAT produce a coherent paragraph demonstrating their understanding of chronological order,

Big Idea: Students Write! Students share a memorable moment by crafting the story in using the text structure of order/sequence.

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English / Language Arts, structure (Composition Basics), cause and effect, chronological order, problem and solution
  64 minutes
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