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I feel that creating a class mission statement really gives us a collaborative focus for the entire school year.  It gets the students on board and is a constant reminder that we are working toward a goal.  The whole idea of a learning cycle has been an adjustment for me over the past two years since our district implemented the PDSA process (Plan Do Study Act by Jim Shipley).  At first it seemed like just another thing to do, but now I am beginning to find value in it.  Having students track their own progress is very motivating to them.  They have begun to look forward to assessments so that they can prove their growth.  Keeping track of specific data also helps me to focus my instruction.  With the general wording of the CCSS, we have to break down the language and decide which sub skills are appropriate.  Tracking data from these sub skills helps me to gauge the students’ readiness and level of mastery.  For example, I know that my students will need to cite evidence according to Reading Standard 1.  To prepare them, I am completing a learning cycle over the RACE strategy.  This strategy gives them a tool to use when citing evidence.  As I go through this cycle, I have noticed that some of my students still struggle to find evidence, so my next cycle might focus on reading for meaning.  I keep the big picture in the forefront of my planning, but those smaller skill cycles help me monitor learning and decide what to teach next. Since the CCSS are new, going through these cycles keeps me constantly thinking and reflecting on my instruction.  They keep me on track as well.

One thing that my team and I have discussed this year is the benefit and/or drawbacks involved with having a sixth grade wide mission statement.  I really like the idea of something that every single sixth grader can latch on to and say, “Yes, that is who we are and why we are here!”  

  Checks for Understanding: Reflection
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Class Mission Statement

Unit 1: The First Week of School
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT develop a mission statement.

Big Idea: We are on a mission!

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English / Language Arts, Writing, Reading, mission statement
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