Reflection: Flexibility Publishing: The Old Fashioned Way (Day 10 of 15) - Section 3: Setting a Purpose


Just a day or two before we were to publish, I made a horrific discovery. Most students didn’t have enough research materials for a four chapter book (and some didn’t have enough for three chapters!). I spent those first few moments trying to figure out how that was possible so close to our “publishing date.” Soon I realized it was just a combination of factors that had compiled to a lot of missed work time - two snow days, several absences due to sickness, and perhaps a few poor choices during student work time.


Regardless of the reason(s), students still needed to complete a four-chapter book! After that initial panic had worn off some, I came up with the idea to include a chapter on “All About the Author.” Although not part of the original plan, I had done this with students before and it always added a personal touch to finished writing projects. I quickly had a brief writing conference with every student in the room. If he had enough information on his topic for four chapters, then he could choose to include an “All About the Author” chapter as a bonus. For those students who were lacking information, we quickly eliminated the chapter that had the least information and put the “Author” chapter in its place. Students didn’t mind the change and were thrilled to write about themselves as real authors!


  Saving a Research Disaster
  Flexibility: Saving a Research Disaster
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Publishing: The Old Fashioned Way (Day 10 of 15)

Unit 7: Informational Writing Project
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: SWBAT create a final copy of their work the old fashioned way - using paper and pencil.

Big Idea: After weeks of research and writing, students are ready to publish their work! They will design and draft each chapter, add text features, and color their final product. We work together to bind it in a book format.

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