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My students love talking about birthday parties!  They talk about the theme, the food, and the place.  They draw pictures of it and talk about it in class and at recess.  A common insult when students are not getting along is "You can't come to my birthday party!"  This occurs all year, not just near their birthdays! 

They were very engaged in our lesson today as we got ready for this party and were excited to see the Happy Birthday plates and napkins.  I also used students' names in the lesson.  I chose to plan the party for a student who has a birthday coming up, and used the name of one of the close friends as the person who we "forgot."  This helped the students get even more into the activity.  The students were a little upset that we weren't actually having cupcakes, so that might be a nice addition to this lesson for next year!

  Using Names and Real Situations
  Real World Applications: Using Names and Real Situations
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What Are Numbers? Practicing 6 & 7

Unit 3: Numbers to 10
Lesson 3 of 19

Objective: Students will be able to name and count numbers six and seven.

Big Idea: Someone is having a birthday party! There will be six people there. How many plates do we need? Cups? Napkins? What if seven people come?

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