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It was very clear today after looking at student work which students have a more advanced understanding of this concept and which students need additional work. My struggling students wrote basic problems (What fraction of the dogs are shaded?) and have not been able to use what we are discussion to create 2 fractional parts and a word problem to compare them. 
My higher performing students are able to write problems with extra unneeded information (to distract the reader) and produced problems that even included 3 steps.

I will allow my higher performing students to trade word problems (without the solutions, of course) to solve one another's work. For my struggling students I will pull them into a small group to help guide them through setting up and solving a comparison problem. It is important that students understand how to make sense of comparing fractions before we move on to fractions on a number line.   

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Comparing Fractions with Models

Unit 1: Crazy About Fractions
Lesson 9 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use models to compare fractions.

Big Idea: Models, objects and tools can be used to help students understand the comparison of fractions.

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Math, Fractions, 3rd, Critical Area
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