Reflection: Staircase of Complexity Text Structure: Description - Section 4: Independent Practice


Teaching the structures in isolation is one task I knew the students would not struggle with completing.  They can focus on the one concept, see it applied, and then apply it themselves.  It is a very basic and easy task for most students. 

What this lesson is helping me create is a step to deal with much more complex text and tasks.  I want them to master this concept to move on to dealing with harder ones. 

The students did very well with working with text structure today.  They did demonstrate that they needed the refresher and time to master the structure.  Some students still were unsure on how it is built using details and most students benefited from having the time to tear the passage apart. 

I was very pleased with how they did once they were working on their own.  Independently, they were able to show understanding of the concept and even demonstrated mastery with tearing it apart. 

In the future, I think I would find a variation of text to use.  The examples I modeled and used in the guided practice were very easy and provided exactly what my struggling learners needed, but I felt my advanced students were not challenged enough.  I would pull text with a varied level of complexity to use within my classroom. 

  Independent Practice
  Staircase of Complexity: Independent Practice
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Text Structure: Description

Unit 6: Unit 4 Text Structure
Lesson 2 of 11

Objective: SWBAT analyze a passage to determine the text structure of description

Big Idea: Students get interactive with their notes while analyzing text for its' structure.

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English / Language Arts, structure (Composition Basics), cause and effect, chronological order, problem and solution
  78 minutes
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