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I think it is incredibly important for students to be able to explain their thinking when they problem solve. Students hear me teach all day, so I think it's very powerful to allow student to do some of the modeling. Other students are often able to see a problem differently or think about it in another way when they see their classmates explain it.

I chose to allow another student to come up to explain this problem because I wanted students to hear different thought processes. I was hoping that the 2nd student I called on would draw an example which really illustrated the point that the sandwiches were 2 different sizes. I want students to think critically about problems, really analyze what the questions are asking and what they know about the material that would help them reason about a solution.

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Comparing Fractions

Unit 1: Crazy About Fractions
Lesson 4 of 10

Objective: SWBAT compare fractions by understanding their size and their parts.

Big Idea: Fraction strips and concrete models can be used to help students understand the size of the parts of a fraction

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