Reflection: Pacing Structure and Features Assessment (Day Two of Two) - Section 2: Setting a Purpose


Depending on how much interaction you want between students, this could easily be adapted to a one-day assessment. If you’re just looking for a paper and pencil assessment, simply have students complete both parts at once and submit for a grade. Because I’m really trying to incorporate as much speaking and listening practice as possible this year, I wanted to weave those standards into this quiz as well. I thought it would be both interesting and informative to watch students defend their choices and help lead others to making the right ones. 

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Structure and Features Assessment (Day Two of Two)

Unit 6: Non-Fiction: Structures and Features
Lesson 15 of 15

Objective: SWBAT identify text features that are appropriate for five, short informational texts.

Big Idea: After identifying the structure types of five texts, students work together to determine which text features would best support each type.

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